A Measure of Midnight

Heavy Metal Magic, Book Two Point Five

You’ll Tell Me the Truth in this Trial of Blood.

After suffering a horrific loss, Midnight Fury is looking to settle the score, and she’s determined to do it alone. A vendetta against vampires doesn’t mix with music or touring with a new band, but Midnight’s not afraid of a challenge. Erebus is her clean slate, the perfect distraction from the broken pieces she’s left behind. Not to mention the broken people. The Furies are fragmented and Midnight’s bond with Lottie is tenuous at best.

But she can’t face Lottie until she faces herself, and the person she’s becoming isn’t someone she recognizes. Midnight doesn’t back down from a fight, not even from something with fangs, but she won’t lose anyone else she loves. As danger closes in on her and the past threatens her peace, the price for vengeance may be greater than she realizes and her own truth may be more than she can bear.

Will Midnight measure up to the changes that await her? Or will justice be lost in favor of vengeance?

Coming September 21, 2021