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Heavy Metal Magic Book One

When Heavy Metal Meets Serious Magic, Get Ready for Some Monstrous Consequences.

Lottie Ferro lives her life by order and rules, but on stage it’s nothing but chaos. 

While leading goth metal band The Furies on their first tour of the year, Lottie uses her band’s witchy theme to hide her magic in plain sight. As Lottie struggles to keep their manager, Trenton from sabotaging their careers, she starts to suspect she isn’t the only one who’s hiding something. Trenton discovers her secret and offers her an ultimatum: perform a ritual for him or get shut out of the industry forever. Lottie has no choice but to tell her bandmates the truth. Together, they agree to find a way to give him what he wants. 

When the ritual goes wrong, it opens the door to dangers bigger than any of them are prepared for.

From author N.J. Ember and USAT Bestselling Author Amir Lane comes a story of music, magic, and mayhem.

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